Micellar Water, Yas Please!

Is there a better feeling than taking off your makeup at the end of the night? I love washing off my makeup just as much as I love putting it on; but there is nothing worse than cleansing your face and having it feel as parched as the Sahara desert.

There are so many cleansers on the market – wipes, balms, milks, gels, it can be hard to differentiate which are good, or bad. When we developed our product line we knew we didn’t want our cleanser to have any harsh chemicals or alcohols that cause that tight, dry feeling. When we discovered micellar water, we knew we had hit the Adele of cleansers.

So why is micellar so much better for your skin than it’s alternatives? Micellar contains micelle molecules that are made of hydrophilic (water-loving) heads with a lipophilic (oil-loving) tail. When poured on a cotton pad (which is also water-loving) the hydrophilic ends are attracted to it leaving the oil-loving tails upwards. This means the oil-loving end sticks up attracting all the dirt and oil from your face, much like Taylor Swift gathering models for her squad.

Because oil and water don’t mix, traditional cleansers aren’t able to efficiently grab the oil from your face. Micellar grabs the bad stuff but leaves the good stuff intact, because it isn’t drying your skin will feel hydrated and clean. It’s great for all skin types especially sensitive and acne prone skin that is easily irritated.


Ever had one of those amazing, filled with pizza (or wine) nights and you’re too lazy to remove your makeup? Just put some micellar water on a cotton pad and you’re ready to go, you don’t even need moisturizer. Even though it’s called micellar water, there is no water or rinsing needed. Be aware though: if you’ve gone full Kardashian with your makeup, micellar water won’t be strong enough alone to remove waterproof eyeliner or heavy foundation.

Micellar came to popularity because of the French; their harsh water conditions were hard on the skin, so they completely cut it out by using micellar water instead. The first time I used it to cleanse my face I felt the difference immediately. My skin felt clean but moisturized and it wasn’t long before I was saying “cleanse me like one of your French girls.” 

Sugaring and micellar water are the perfect companions. For us to provide the best sugaring service we need clean skin and micellar water works easily and efficiently. Our products are simple but effective – we want to achieve smooth, healthy skin without using harsh ingredients that are bad for you or the environment. Sugar & Co. micellar water is a great pre sugaring treatment to prep the skin, or used in the comfort of your home.